Indonesia overview

Overview of Indonesia.

First of all everyone must visit Indonesia its amazing. I loved it. It has everything you would need from big cities, villages, islands and remote islands. 

My favourite place was Bali and most travellers don't enjoy Bali but I really did. You have the best of both western places and local places. So you can do both and eat both. The beaches are breath-taking and there are many tourist day trips for example the numerous waterfalls, temples and boat trips. You wont ever get bored and the weather is fantastic sun cream is definitely needed. 

If you want to travel from Bali you can travel around via ferries/speed boats and go exploring.  Nusa Penida/Nusa Lembongan are two tiny islands very close to Bali. 
“I really enjoyed them as they had the best beaches I had ever seen in my life, and I've been many places”

After Bali my next favourite place was Lombok as you can tell the pattern here seems to be I like the bigger islands with more to offer. Kuta is Lombok has many restaurants and not enough people. The only accommodation in Kuta is homestays or villas nothing in between and its surf central. There are lots of insects that bite in Lombok so don't forget your repellent!

The Gili islands are nice and I'm glad I have been there but I wouldn't be in a rush to go back as I think there over rated. Firstly there really expensive and secondly there isn't that much to do in the day. The beaches aren't really beaches its just a tiny bit of sand around the edge of the island which is way too busy. But you can swim with turtles so that makes everything better. Gili is a great place to make friends all the hostels on the island have a great atmosphere and you will be up till all hours.

Mainland Indonesia Bandung was ok if you know where to go that's where TripAdvisor is your best friend. The local restaurants aren't the best and I wouldn't risk eating there so we found some westernish restaurants which hit the spot. The city has lots of nice places and sky scrapers.

Surabaya on the other hand was a drag it had nothing to do and nowhere to go. I do not recommend going to Surabaya unless you want to climb Mount Bromo. 

The food in Indonesia in general is good the main dish served everywhere is Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng which is basic but when cooked right it tastes so good. Banana pancake is another favourite for breakfast. I had never had smoothie bowls until Indonesia and now I'm addicted there so filling, colourful and such a good idea. Chicken satay is also a common dish which is delicious when served with peanut sauce.

There are lots of restaurants which specialise in halal and have vegetarian options to cater for everyone.

If you want to travel around for the cheapest price you need to rent a scooter its the most efficient way to travel. The roads are extremely busy and if you want to travel down the road sometimes that could even take you an hour so always leave earlier. The locals all wear masks over there nose and mouth and I can see why when driving the car fumes are so strong and you get dirt all over your face. So if we were ever going anywhere nice I would cover my face with a bandana.

The best taxis are bluebirds taxis as they have to use the meter so they cant scam you. Or grab taxi’s or grab bikes which are the same as Uber but you need internet to purchase and book.

The religion in Indonesia varies depending on where you are the majority are Hindus or Muslims. You can either hear the prayers during the day or see the tokens on the ground for the gods. 

The waves in Indonesia are very big perfect for surfers or learning to surf. Indonesia is also great for snorkelling and there are lots of snorkel trips. If you bring your own snorkel you will save lots of money in the long run.

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