Koh Tao Over View

Koh Tao in general is a really small island most popular for scuba diving. Every other shop is a dive shop all selling PADI qualifications and Open Water qualifications. You can free dive for very cheap the more dives you buy the cheaper they are.

Of course we chose to dive with a french company so everyone spoke french and didn't interact with us. Typical. We dived with French Kiss Divers as it was near where we stayed. To try scuba it costs 2000baht per person. The diving was a good experience but you see the exact same fish as when snorkelling so if your on a tight budget just make sure you snorkel!

There isn't a night market just many restaurants which serve traditional thai food and then lots of westernised food places. There are fire parties on the beach and many bars. 

To hire a bike it costs 150 baht for 24 hours. I personally enjoyed Koh Tao a lot more then Koh Samui as its smaller and has more of a traveller vibe. The main thing to do is go to the beach, snorkel, dive or hike to a view point.  The main place to stay is Sairee beach area which is basically where you get off the ferry.

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