Krabi Town Night Food Market

Chao Fah Night Food Market - Krabi
Krabi Town Food Night Market
Krabi town food market is along the river. Its a smaller market in comparison to Patong ( Phuket) but its also half the price! The food market is great the food tastes better then the restaurants as its full of flavour and you can watch your food being cooked in front of you. 

From the front they don't look like much but when you sit down behind the stall thats where you can see it all happening. The chef cooking your food and the assistants making whatever else. 

The people are really friendly and we ate here every night even when we stayed in Ayo Nang (the beach part of Krabi) as the food was so cheap yet so nice. 

Spring Rolls 40baht (£0.94)
Miasma Curry 100baht (£2.35)

Pad Thai 50baht (£1.17)
Thai Curry 80baht (£1.88)
Red Snapper 200baht (£4.70) Jacket Potato 30baht (£0.70)
Khong Kha Road, next to the old Chao Fah pier

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