Kuala Lumpur Overview

Kuala Lumpur is a large city just a few hours away from Singapore. The central city never sleeps its so busy, people eat at all times. It rains everyday in KL so keep an umbrella close by.

Malaysian food is amazing the best I've tasted so far. The food is so cheap and so full of flavour and you get large portions. Malaysia also has a nandos so after 3 months of no nandos we tried the Malaysian nandos and it wasn't bad!

There are many areas to visit within Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but we always found ourselves going back to Bukit Bintang for food or Lot 10 Hutong. The main street in Bukit Bintang is .... which is famous for the bustling, lively environment. I loved it. Food stalls everywhere, people everywhere all having a good time. You can find all sorts of weird things on this street we tried Dragon Breathe which is basically a wafer covered in liquid nitrogen. Make sure you go late though as restaurants don’t opn their doors until it’s dark.

There are several night clubs the main one being Zouk which is in the area Trec which has lots of bars and restaurants. This is the higher end part so prices are more expensive. 

The city has a fast tram service which again only takes small change and is the quickest, cheapest way to get around. The tram closes at 11:15pm. So that’s something to note as a lot other places are 24 hours.

The petronas towers are always very busy and trying to get a photo of you and the towers only is impossible due to so many tourists and locals trying to sell things. The towers lights turn off at 12pm so get that photo beforehand. 

The accommodation price isn't as expensive as Singapore but compared to the rest of south asia its very expensive. There are shopping malls everywhere and market stalls all through the city selling fake designer and electrical goods. 

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