Marina Bay Sands

When I think of Singapore truthfully the only thing that comes to mind is Marina Bay Sands. Its a masive tourist attraction and of course an amazing hotel famous for the worlds largest inifity pool.

There are resturants,bars, museums, theatres inside the hotel and lots more. Many people stay at the hotel for at least one night in order to use the pool and witness the amazing views of the city. You have to be staying at the hotel to enter the pool. 

We stayed here for one night, of course its not in our travellers budget but when we get back home we can say we have stayed in Marina Bay Sands and its something we both wanted to do.  The hotel can be seen from miles off and many come from all over the world to photograph the unique hotel.

Our room - Garden View. So we could see the gardens by the bay and at night it was wonderful. We booked our room again using and online it said we could only check in from 3pm but we arrivedbst 10:30am and checked in smoothly. We now had 24 hours in Marina Bay Sands time to make the most of it.

Our room

We also used the gym which has views of the city and free water and then a sauna, steam room and hot pool within the gorgeous changing rooms. Be warned most people get naked its female only and male only.

To eat we chose Adrift Resturant as in house gets recieve 25% off so of course every little helps. I had chicken and Josh had lamb. I also tried my first singapore sling!

The food was really nice and the resturant was playing all the tunes so we were loving it. A cocktail costs $24.

To read about my exeprience at the inifity pool click here. 

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