Namuang Waterfall 1

Our first Thai waterfall. In Koh Samui their are only two main waterfalls which are called Waterfall 1 and Waterfall 2 luckily they are pretty much next to each other so you can do them both in a morning/afternoon.

There were a few tourists but not as many as expected. As you arrive you have several thai stalls selling thai clothes and souvenirs. Then to the left you have elephants.The elephants are used in the jungle trek which is a separate tour but whilst their waiting they are chained by their feet which isnt nice to see.

I love elephants their amazing so as soon as I see them it makes me happy and I could gladly watch them for ages! You can feed the elephants bananas for 50baht which is a really nice experience as they use their nose as a hand to feed themselves, so cute.

The walk to the waterfall is short literally seconds away and then you can see the running water flowing down the brightly coloured rock. You can swim in the pool below or climb the rocks for that perfect photo.

Free, 20 baht to park your bike.

Na Mueang84140, Thailand

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