Our Accommodation Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is expensive for accommodation because everyone visits the island for the Full Moon Party meaning they can put the prices up as people still want to stay and will pay the price.

After reading thousands of reviews of hostels and guest houses we finally came across a homestay which had good reviews and was so beautiful in the mountains. Again we don't care about location as we always have a bike so location is no problem for us. 

We stayed at Thansadet Farm Stay. Literally in the mountains. It was so beautiful we had the rainforest as our garden and the sounds coming from the rainforest was unbelievable. We would wake up with birds chirping and go to sleep with the sound of the swaying trees and frogs weirdly enough. One good thing about being in the mountains is its not to hot at night there is a breeze and we didn't even need to use the fan! 

Our room again was a budget fan room with a mosquito net which is so needed as otherwise you would get eaten alive. We had hot water and the best terrance with a hammock and an amazing view. Our time here was very enjoyable. 

I would personally recommend this hotel if you don't mind being close to nature, finding an ant crawling across your foot and having to get a bike to get around as your in the middle of no where. This homestay was booked using booking.com

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