Over view of Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a tiny island with so many tourists each day. You can only get to Koh Phi Phi by boat from Phuket or Krabi.  

In the day time it doesn't seem busy as I guess everyone is on tours or just chilling. But on the night its wild, beach parties, bar parties, party central. I loved it, it had such a good atmosphere and was so fun. You can walk around the streets with buckets of alcohol and find stalls that sell all types of cocktails.

Koh Phi Phi has two main roads and the beach front so its not easy to get lost. You can walk everywhere. The snorkelling and underwater life near and around Koh Phi Phi is amazing. The fish are so colourful and so many. 

Taken from snorkelling
The streets are lined with market shops selling all the typical thai clothes and there is many food stands. You can get huge slices of pizza for 80baht or nutella rotis for 50 baht.

Suprisngly enough the island for food and drink isn't expensive. A pizza will cost you 130 baht, pasta 100 baht and pad thai is 80 baht.

We assumed as the accommodation is extremely pricey the whole island would be. The clothing stalls are a tad more expensive but other then that its same - same. (A saying you will hear everywhere in Thailand “Same, Same”) 

I loved Koh Phi Phi and I think everyone should stay on the island not just visit as a day trip!

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