Overview of Krabi

Krabi is another popular destination as its so easy to get too. There is an airport and you can get multiple coaches from different cities or travel across by ferry.

Krabi town is near Krabi port and this town is mainly for travellers and the prices are cheaper. There are many hostels in Krabi town and a really good cheap food night market. Krabi town doesn't have much to do so most people stay at Ao Nang.

Ao Nang is the tourist part, a town along the beach about 40 minutes away from Krabi Town, you can get the local bus from Krabi town to Ao Nang for 50 baht.

It thrives of tourism there so the prices are higher than Krabi Town and its busier. You can pay for long tail boats to take you to the beautiful beaches near by (Railey beach) or get ferries to different islands as a day trip or as a transfer.

The restaurants in Ao Nang aren't traditional their menu caters for holiday people so you can always find a pizza and spag bol. To get good and cheaper traditional thai food you need to visit the night market. 

To hire a bike for 24hr it costs 200baht. The roads are really well maintained so you can visit emerald pool and the hot springs without a tour to get the best price.

The beach in Ao Nang isnt the best as you’ll see,  a small trip to Railey is advised as I mentioned earlier. But also makesure you check the tide times. One thing we thought was strange is how much the tide goes out, leaving a whole stretch of dirt and rocks which definetly isnt good for those insta photos, but dont let that ruin beach day!

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