Petronas Towers

Petronas twin towers are an iconic building in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, they are the tallest twin towers in the world. The building is a tourist attraction and offices. You can pay to visit the sky bridge which is at the top where you get amazing views of the whole city. You can purchase a ticket online or from the Petronas towers.

Tourists from all around the world gather in front of the towers to take selfies. The problem is, its impossible to get a photo with just yourself and the towers. Guaranteed in every photo you will have 30 other people and  the locals who try to sell you fish eye lens never move out the way of your photos. Its busy, crowded and a free for all.

The towers are best to be visited at night when they light up. The lights are turned off at midnight so don't visit after 12pm as you cant see anything. As Malaysia rains all the time get the photo whilst you can. 

$85 RM per person (£17)

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