Railey beach

Railey beach is a great beach day. You leave from Ao Nang beachfront once there is 8 people and travel 20 minuets on a long tail boat to Railey Beach which is on a different island so boat is the only way.

Railey Beach is beautiful it has massive limestone rocks which make the beach so impressive. The beach itself has soft white sand and clear still blue water. It sparkles in the sun.  The beach isn't that big and there are lots of tourists but its still very relaxing and you feel like your lying in paradise.

If you walk down the beach and make a left in land you will find the typical thai clothing stalls and a restaurant so you can get a bite to eat and that ice cold daiquiri to sip in the sun. Theres a supermarket which is double the price but when you need water, you need water.

The long tail boats dock on the sea so sunbathing is best to the left. The tide quickly goes out so its best to arrive as early as possible as after lunch you have to walk out to the sea which means lots of crabs are running wild and it isn't as photo friendly as before.

The perfect thing which we did was arrived early spent several hours then went back to Ao Nang beach to watch the sunset and it was beautiful. 

200 baht per person for a return ticket. This is a set price. 

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