Singapore low down

Singapore is a very rich small country. Everyone is so friendly and everyone wants to help. As its so small its best to only visit for a short amount of time. 

We loved the food, it was so cheap at the street eateries and you got plenty. The accommodation however is very expensive for what you get. Typical we chose an area (Dragon Hotel) which was in the middle of brothel central. 

Singapore has many areas to eat, the main areas being China town or little India. As you guessed in China town you get authentic Chinese food I loved sweet and sour fried fish with egg fried rice and then sour plum to drink. The prices all depend on where you eat the food courts are cheaper and the outside food stalls. 

Singaporeans have amazing English and when in Singapore sometimes there English is better than mine! There are lots of staff who are there to help the tourists and you can get the tube everywhere for very cheap. Just make sure you have small change for the machines.

It worked out cheaper for us to just pay for the metro at the station rather then getting a 3 day pass. The city is very clean and efficient, its like the Chinese Dubai. You have designer malls, exclusive rooftop bars and iconic man made tourist attractions.  

Singapore on a whole is expensive but its a lovely place to visit for a few days its the perfect stop over for a long haul holiday. 

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