Slinkys Beach Party

Our first beach party and it was so much fun. Slinkys is right on the beach in Koh Phi Phi. The island is so small you will easily find it. The island has two main roads and the beach front. I really reccomend everyone to watch the entertainment as its fantastic.

The beach party happens every night and starts at 8:30pm get there for 8pm if you want a seat but then you will have to buy a drink too. We got there at 8:30pm the music was blasting and the fire party had already started.

There is a fire show which involves the audience and then the classic limbo on the beach. Then after that its a wild beach party! You can buy buckets everywhere they sell them for 200 baht on the beach and to buy a local bottle of rum is 180 baht as pre drinking is needed.

You can walk along the beach to the different parties and it doesn't get quiet till 5am! If you fancy it you can join half of the people in the sea having the times of their life. Or you can ride a bull inside the club. Lots of free shots and if you confident get your kit off for a free bucket.

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