Wat Phra Ya (Big Buddha)

Big Bhudda in Koh Samui is a buddhist temple.

This buddhist temple is a tourist attraction as the big buddha is literally huge and gold (12m) and you can see the buddha from miles away. Tourists come to take photos and admire the statue but you can also pray as its a temple and meditate if you wish.

As its a temple you have to wear apprioripiate clothing, ladies are given robes to hide there skin free of charge. The buddha lights up on the night time and sparkles. This is a quick trip which you can combine with your other sight seeing of the island.

Its very easy to get to by bike there are road signs with directions to the Big Bhudda so you don't even need gps maps.

There are many shops near by and a over priced restaurant. You can park your bike for free. This trip is short and sweet.


Big Buddha Beach, Off Route 4171, Bophut, Koh Samui

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