Angkor Watt

The only reason most tourists visit Siem Reap is for Angkor Watt.

Everyone has to pay the entrance fee with or without a tour. The price varies depending on how many days you want to spend at Angkor Watt. A 1 day pass is $37 per person. 

You can then also book transport through any travel company (there are several on every road) its $13 per person to go at sun rise etc..

So we didn't know this and assumed we could pay the entrance fee when we got there... we hired a bike, great $5! Then we drove to Angkor Watt and got stopped and rejected as we hadn't brought our ticket from the ticket centre. So we drove to try and find the ticket centre but everyone we spoke with didn't have great english so we was on a wild goose chase. 

Our plan failed and we didn't get to see Angkor Watt as we were out of time. 

So if anyone is considering this, the easiest way is to go with a tour. Or get clear instructions of where the ticket office is!

  • Entrance fee for a one day ticket $32 per person
  • Transfer fee $13-20 per person
  • Hire a motorbike and go yourself $5 

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