You have two parts to Bangkok the high end part which is Siam with the big shopping malls, rooftop bars and sky scrapers and then the hippy, fun traveller part Kho San road!  Khosan road is wild at night and very good for a party.
There are many bars with blasting music and people dancing on the street and drinking buckets of alcohol.

You also have street food and plenty of market stalls for thai clothes and souvenirs. You can find a massage parlour everywhere and the locals all try to sell you ping pong shows and laughing gas.

If you want nightclubs the best road is Tongsala road which has the high end nightclubs. You can get jeepneys, tuck tucks or taxis around Bangkok just make sure you barter to get the price you want and stick with that. Many tuck tuck drivers try to add on money by the time you've got to your destination. Don't have it stick to the original price and don't give in. 

Mosquitos can be found in Bangkok I'm guessing at its quite dirty and yes Bangkok does smell as they put everything down the drains and the rubbish is left outside for ages. But if you wear repellent you should be fine. 

Bangkok has everything you could think of, but personally two days is enough time to visit as you can do it all in one day!

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