Banh Mi 25 - Hanoi

Its Sunday and its lunch time so we needed some Sunday lunch. 
No we didn't get a roast but we did get something filling and very cheap... A beef banh mi! 

Banh Mi 25 has a little tiny shop on the one side of the road in central Hanoi where you order your food then you cross the road to sit in the restaurant on the opposite side of the road. Where you can also order drinks. 

We ordered a coconut cacao drink and it was delightful the chocolate at the bottom was hot and thick and the coconut on the top was cold so when you use a straw you get both cold and hot. Its a very rich dink and will give you your chocolate fix.

The good thing about this restaurant is if your vegetarian your also able to order as in most Banh Mi shops its meat only. The beef was so tender and tasty it came with basic salad and cheese then your choice of hot or spicy. You can also get chicken or many different pork varieties. 

  • Beef Banh Mi - 25,000 Dong
  • Caco coconut drink - 35,000 Dong

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