Bun Cha - Hanoi

Another Vietnamese dish we tried was Bun Cha which is basically beef burgers in an oblong shape and some pork or other meat in a watery soup and sausage deep fried spring rolls. You then get lots of greens which consists of Mint, Coriander and lettuce and of course the staple dish... rice noodles.

The street food vendor only serves two dishes and the seats are stools. This was around the corner from our hostel so it was perfect as we could walk to try Bun Cha.

This was good to try whilst in Hanoi but I only liked the beef so the pork was wasted. It is a large portion but isn't too filling. You are also taken to this restaurant if you opt to do the street food tour.

I liked the dish but wouldn't be in a rush to have it again. 

90,000 Dong per person

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