China Town Food Experience - Bangkok

Just like every other city Bangkok has it all. There isn't much to do in terms of tourist attractions but you can eat to your hearts content. Which is what we did for two days straight.  You can see all the sights within a day by taking a tour or tuck tuck.

Now the good part, the food part. China town rocks of course we love chinese food who doesn't so we got a tuck tuck which is such a fun experience to china town from Kho San Road. We whizzed there and once arriving it was a photograph moment. We didn't know where to eat. Of course it would be a street vendor but which one where there is so many to choose from.

We followed the majority and stumbled across this Michelin starred soup stand. They had one dish and won a 2018 Michelin star. 60baht we are trying that. Im not a fan of pork so I definitely said no to extra intestines! We shared the dish and it tasted like a peppery pork broth. Unusually nice. Then we had chinese tea and just so happened to make friends with a local thai couple who then took us around china town.

This was the best experience, we had our own food guides - so cool! Next stop down a side street to try the famous fried cantonese suki yaki chicken noodles. Wow, it was so nice! It comes on a sizzling hot plate and the you add your sauce to taste. 80baht another bargain.

We were just getting started now the messy bit. Sea food! Cockles and muscles with two dips, spicy or spicy. So no good for me. I can handle chili but only to a certain extent these dips where hot. The muscles went down a treat but the cockles were a whole different experience they burst fishiness when you bite into them not the biggest fan. But I've tried it so Im happy.

Then we ventured off ourself and found some fresh baked bread. 20 baht per bread with any flavour. I had egg custard, Next we had  sweet noodles in coconut milk. This was served cold and had such a weird texture, but at 40baht I couldn't help but try it.

Then my favourite, DUCK SPRING ROLLS. Where to start they were delicious and so sweet sprinkled with sugar and served with a sweet dip. 40baht for one portion.

To wash it down your spoilt for choice there are juice and shake stands everywhere. We opted for the fresh orange juice at 30baht and it was definitely fresh, it was so refreshing! If ever you need a drink there are many supermarkets where you can purchase drinks for with your food.

Then mango sticky rice and homeward bound for us fatties. If you want to china town is known for the best shark fin soup and you can also eat “birds nest”

I would recommend everyone to visit china town for food as you cant go wrong, so much variety all on one street. For me this was the best street food we have ate yet! 

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