Clear Water Bay

This is a must do whilst staying at Mpay Bay! You basically have the whole beach to yourself. There is one hostel which is set back and off the beach and a pier where I think a few locals live.

The most important bit, how to get here.

From Mpay Bay beach you walk until you cant walk anymore then you have to trek for 20 minuets through the jungle. The jungle doesn't have a path so half the time you will be wondering if your going the right way. But so long as your walking straight through the jungle eventually you will find it. You pass two little tiny rocky beach areas. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing as you do get lots of insect bites. 

As the name suggests the water is crystal clear with a turquoise glow. The sand is soft and white and as the water is shallow until further out the water is warm like a hot bath.

Its so peaceful and relaxing, there is a swing in the sea which is the perfect instagram photo and if you fancy a beer you can buy a cold one from the hostel once you've climbed up all there steps. The hostel has a hippy, bohemian vibe its beautiful and decorated so nicely.

Absolutely free 

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