Hanoi Overview

Hanoi similar to Ho Chi Minh doesn't really have that much to do, unless your a museum lover. As were not and were mega foodies we spent most our time trying the local cuisine with the locals. We tried the local Banh Mi and Bun Cha.

Of course Hanoi is so busy, bikes everywhere you  have to have eyes in the back of your head when crossing the road. The city itself doesn't seem to get much sun its so foggy but its soooo humid! 

You again have posh places and not so posh places. Shanty houses next to five star hotels and western restaurants amongst the local Vietnamese food stalls. 

The night market in Hanoi is really big and you can get almost everything from designer fakes to tables and chairs. There isn't a food market just several stalls but they didn't seem too clean to eat from if you’re a tourist. So we didn't risk it! 

You can walk everywhere in town but if your lazier than me there are the local buses, grab bikes or of course taxis. A really cool thing to experience which doesn't cost a penny is to watch the train pass through the city in between the local houses. Make sure you stand back as the train is actually very wide! 

Or if you’re brave enough, climb onto the railway line from the long bien bridge. I couldn't do it, I was scared I was going to fall to my death and die at an early age. But loads of people do especially all the “photographers” 

Vietnamese love coffee and you can try all sorts of coffee as there are many many shops. The famous egg coffee is surprisingly sweet and has 3 distinct layers all with a different thickness and taste. 

In central there are bustling roads with bars, nightclubs and back to back local Vietnamese restaurants. Oh and by the way the majority of places just have stools to sit on and really low tables so if your tall like me you will most definitely have to pick your bowl up. You will find road side barbers, shoe fixers and nail technicians all working on the side of the road, and the traditional Vietnamese women selling fruits from their baskets. 

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