Hoi An

Hoi An, wow its a beautiful old town which is basically the Asian Venice. Not that I've been to Venice (yet) I love it!!

The feel of the place is so nice and the streets are decorated with lanterns which makes every corner perfect for a photograph. The old town is the best place to stay as your central to everywhere. Its so nice, there are many tailors where you can get clothes made, shoes made and buy all sorts of custom made things. The leather sandals are such a bargain and being leather and made to fit you cant go wrong.

The streets are lined with gorgeous lanterns

There is the best bread in Hoi An. The Banh Mi Queen is very famous for her “banh mih” which is a baguette filled with either pork or chicken and then some other stuff. Its delicious and very cheap. A chicken banh mih costs 25,000 Dong which is like 50p!

You can go on a boat ride and light a lantern, sip a cocktail in old town, try some traditional Vietnamese food in the food market, get lost in the night market, get a tailored suit from almost any street, hire a bicycle and ride through the village, visit My Son the ruins, climb Marble Mountain, or soak up the sun at the beach.

There isn't any westernised restaurants and the village itself its so picturesque and traditional you wouldn't want to not visit.  We stayed for 3 nights and it was just the right length of time to fit in everything we wanted to do. 

To hire a push bike its 30,000 Dong for a day and to hire a moped its 120,000 Dong for 24hrs. A large water costs 10,000 Dong and you can barter in the markets when buying clothing. 

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