Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Before visiting most people we met didn't like Ho Chi Minh they told us lots of stories of robberies and snatching bags and it being awful.
But we loved it! 
I think if you have a bad experience its very unfortunate. It does happen as in our hotel it says to not take out your valuables and leave the key at reception. I carried my phone in my hand and Josh would carry the purse or bag.

But when leaving the hotel lots of western tourists all had bags without a care in the world. You just have to be mindful and sensible of what's/who's around you. 

Now the crazy part, its bike crazy. The roads are literally something out of this world. Locals drive up the roads the wrong way, all over the pavement, and there is so many. Crossing the road is a myth, god help you. I was petrified. Even when you find a traffic light crossing its still a free for all, but that's what makes it so fun. Having to risk it all when crossing the road! 

We spent two nights in Ho Chi Minh City and have already fallen in love with the food. I didn't expect great things from the food but wow. The local street food market in Saigon is amazing. We tried everything. The meat is so tasty as they season it and cook it well. The Vietnamese people are also so nice and dress really well.

In Saigon (the main area in central) there are many hotels from 5 stars to hostels it has it all. The buildings are so detailed and nice to look at. If your a big tea lover or coffee lover you will be in heaven every road literally has 10 different tea shops.

All in all, Hoi Chi Minh City was way better then expected now I'm expecting big things for the rest of Vietnam.

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