Hoi An to Halong Bay

Getting from Hoi An to Halong Bay again by night bus.

We caught another bus were getting use to the long journeys now! So at 13:30pm the bus picked us up outside our hotel in Hoi An, we then travelled to the capital. It was suppose to be a direct journey to Hanoi. But instead we made several stops and had to change bus in the middle of nowhere. Anyway we finally got back onto the night bus and away we went. 

We arrived in Hanoi at 6:30am which was way ahead of schedule but I'm not surprised as the driving was stupid. I couldn't sleep the driving was that bad. We were literally driving at 90mph in the wrong lanes, over taking 4 cars at a time in a big massive coach. The coach was bouncing all over the place and the driver was smoking. It was officially our worse coach journey to date. 
We got dropped off at some random place and was told to wait for the transfer to Halong Bay. But instead a man came over and explained we needed to walk to his shop which was 5 minuets away.. 20 minuets later and we found the shop to be told the bus doesn't come until 8am.

Breakfast and wifi for us, luckily we were able to leave our heavy rucksacks in the shop.
Then we caught the bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay which took 3 hours and we had to stop at this souvenir place along the way.
We left at 13:30pm on Friday and arrived saturday at 12:30pm

400,000 Dong per person. 

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