Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best place for food ever!

Dim sum has won over my heart. When I get back to England I am going to compare if our Dim Sum is as good. If you like cake and desserts there is plenty of places unlike most other countries in Asia.

Hong Kong has many places and many areas but you can get everywhere very quickly as they have the MTR. There are so many markets from ladies market to goldfish market.You can buy single tickets, returns or day passes which in our case worked out the cheapest. We brought our tickets from the train station in the airport.

The weather is very humid and isn't heat hot as the sky is always cloudy. When you walk around your constantly looking into the sky as everything is built upwards. 

Hong Kong has the best skyline, fact. 

The people of Hong Kong are so lovely and very helpful. I personally think only a few days are needed to visit as you can do everything and taste everything in such a short amount of time. 

Everywhere you go the air-con is soooo high its freezing, literally. I had to wear a hoody in the fanciest of places. Tea of course is loved and you can find all sorts of varieties and the egg tart is famous and so delicious just for 60p. Don't forget to try the fish balls too!

As Hong Kong was colonised by England there is lots of British influence throughout, from the ice cream van to british plug sockets. There are loads of English people who now live in Hong Kong for business. Its as western as it can get, so western that some bars we visited were only busy with English people after finishing work. 

Yes it is expensive as its a city but if your sensible you can visit Hong Kong on a budget. So long as you don't mistakenly buy an IPhone case for £10 thinking it was a £1. Like what I did on the first night!

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