Koh Rong Sanloem - Mpay Bay

This island is a tiny island with no roads, no cars and just the odd occasional local trying to drive a  bike through the sand. If your looking for genuine island life then you must visit here! We visited Mpay Bay and would recommend it to everyone!

Its so cool, chilled and laid back with such a nice relaxing atmosphere. Everywhere has to close at 12pm which is a law made by the local police to keep the island quiet for the local villages.

Its one big family everyone knows everyone and you can walk from the one end of the bay to the other end within 10 minuets.  The local Cambodian people are amazing there so friendly and helpful which makes the island ten times better!

If you fancy exploring the other bays on the island you can take a water taxi or if you want to find another beach rather then the one at Mpay Bay or you can trek through the jungle for 40 minuets and you will find Clear Water Beach.

There are only a few food places as the bay is so small some local Cambodian ones which serve great portions and are so cheap and then one western owned pizza place.

There is a lot of construction happening at the moment, more hostels being built and more bars/restaurants so in a few years time the island may look slightly different. 

The beach is un real the water is so shallow and still. Its like a hot bath and the sand squeaks underfoot which is funny to hear. You will find random cows and goats just strolling by and taking a dip in the water.

There is no Wi-Fi on the island and no where to watch football so if your partner loves football make sure you time it well. 

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