Madam Khanh The Banh Mi Queen

When you go to Vietnam you will have many Banh Mi’s which is there famous baguettes. The bread is hard on the outside but so soft when you bite it, then they fill the baguette with all sorts of deliciousness.

But the Banh Mi Queen in Hoi An is famous and once you eat there you can see why. There are three options: chicken, pork or a mix of both. I loved the chicken it was divine! It was chicken with a mix of other things which must be the secret recipe as I hadn't tasted anything like that before, not even in Vietnam.

The restaurant has an upstairs and is very basic. But its always busy, she must make a killing! We were in Hoi An for 3 days and we ate there 4 times!! 

If your staying in Hoi An, you will definitely be told by several people to get the best bread in town! And by me.. You must visit so cheap and so filling!!

  • Chicken Banh Mi - 25,000 Dong (£0.82)
  • Pork Banh Mi - 20,000 Dong (£0.66)
  • Mix Banh Mi - 20,000 Dong  (£0.66)

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