Marble Mountain

So you can either do this with a tour or you can do it yourself. Yep, we did it ourself.. Hello its miles cheaper!!

First we hired a bike for 120,000 Dong for 24hrs.
Then we found out where Marble Mountain is.
Next we set off on our journey to Da Nang which was only a twenty minuet drive.
Then we paid the entrance fee and off we went...

Marble Mountain is a beautiful tourist attraction in Da Nang which is only a short drive away from Hoi An. Marble mountains are 5 mountains which are either marble or limestone and named after the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The mountains have numerous caves with Buddhist and Hindu temples inside. The mix of nature and religion is beautiful.

Outside in the local area you can buy lots of marble sculpted ornaments to take home as souvenirs. 

When at Marble Mountains there's lots to do and see you have a few viewpoints with some scrambling up rocks, but its worth it for the view. The caves are amazing and the sunlight shines directly into the cave causing a massive beam of light which is so beautiful especially with the contrast of the dark cave walls. 

There are free public toilets and many places to buy water or the traditional Vietnamese hats. You can rock climb up the mountain if you wish for an extra charge. The architecture is so detailed and brightly coloured this within itself is a beautiful attraction. 

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