One Dim Sum

Our first dim sum experience at One Dim Sum in Hong Kong and I was excited. I love trying new foods and I love the idea of little portions where you can try different things like Spanish tapas or a meze.  

What an experience everything we ordered was so delicious and so nice. I was surprised I thought there may be one dish I didn't like but nope everything was to my taste, yes result!

We ordered all sorts: baked bbq bun, deep fried spring rolls, deep fried dumplings, steam shrimp dumplings, steamed mince balls and chicken with mushroom rice.

We ordered just enough to fill us up too and you get unlimited tea to wash it all down. The food is reasonably priced at $17-$25 per dish. The staff are lovely and explain what sauce/dip goes with what although we mixed all the sauces. 

One Dim Sum was busy which is always a good sign. We had a table which was very close to the couples eating next to us. But we don't mind we just wanted the food and was so happy with the food.

I would strongly reccomend everyone to visit even if its just for lunch. 

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