Ozone @ The Ritz

 @ The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

As a traveller its nice to get dressed up to go somewhere literally for one drink when people don't know that your travelling on a budget. 

Im actually wearing my swimming costume and gypsy pants from Thailand but put them together and it looks like a half decent jumpsuit. 

We caught the tram to get there so a hoody on top was most definitely needed. Take the hoody off, a totally different person. 

We actually wanted to visit to have the Nutella lava bomb cake but once arriving we found out they had changed the menu. So instead it was a corona and a cocktail. 

The bar itself is nice, it has a blue setting with a marble, honeycomb theme. But, the outside for the view is no good as they need to clean the windows and if you reserve a table you literally get a bar table so when walking to look at the view someone will take your seat. Im guessing you could tell them to move, but I'm not that person.

The bar itself is an ice box its so cold and they don't provide blankets for if you sit outside which is odd for such a high end hotel.

Ok so thats the negatives out the way now the good stuff, walking through the hotel itself is amazing the decor is superb. The hand lotion in the bathroom smells really good and a corona only costs £10 (could be £12 right pahha).. The staff are nice and friendly and my cocktail tasted amazing. 

Venue: 8/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Drink: 7/10
International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West null, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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