Siem Reap

Siem Reap was nothing like I expected. I think I was expecting somewhere like Manila in the Philippines shanty towns and not many western places or somewhere just generally poorer without big names.

I was so wrong, there are many tourists and a few high rise posh hotels and of corse budget hotels. Its very westernised. I was in shock when we went on the hunt for food. The majority of restaurants are westernised and all the locals have apple mac laptops which is weird.

I was starting to think Cambodia was like Wakanda from the movie Black Pantha! 

The currency is messed up as they use US dollars and their own currency. Its very cheap a draft beer is cheaper then a can of soda. You can get a beer for $0.50 and a really good pina coladá for $3.50 in high end restaurants. The local cambodian restaurants are very cheap and everywhere has wifi.

The famous pub street is as you guessed loads of bars and clubs.The cambodian people are genuinely really nice and smily which is always good.  To rent a bike for 24hrs costs $5. Some of the roads in Siem Reap are terrible like dirt tracks others have tarmac and smooth.

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