There isn't anything to do here apart from the beach, eat and drink.  After talking with the locals the area isn't how it use to be. 5 months ago there were all bars and restaurants along the beach front now they have all been demolished and brought by a chinese company. So when you visit everywhere looks like a building site and there is only one bar open till late. 

Jack and Daniels is the bar which is open till late and 4 shots of baby guinness costs $12 USD. The music is a little bit of everything and its got very good air conditioning! Once you finish partying here like we did take a walk down the road towards the pier and Four seasons restaurant is open 24hr so you can get yourself a pizza for $4 USD. 

Or if you just want a nice cocktail and don't fancy a dance The Big Easy Hostel next door to Jack and Daniels do 241 cocktails from 6-10 so two pina coladas for $3 USD!

The best beach in Sihanoukville is Otres beach you have to take a tuck-tuck there which will cost $5. The beach is nice but the sand flies are a killer they literally ate me alive. If you fancy a Sunday roast like we did then visit Bohol Hostel which serves Sunday lunch either chicken or pork with a beer for $6.75 and then you can use the pool for free. Its a really nice chill out place, laid back and all good people. 

If you want to rent a bike its $5 per day but there isn't much to see so probably no point and the roads are so bad, dirt roads. 

The only reason most tourists visit is to get to the islands as you get the boat across from the pier in Sihanoukville.

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