Slip and Fly

Slip and Fly is a good day out for thrill seekers. Its a pool party with an awesome double slide, one higher then the other. There is also a slide and a pool to play volley ball. 

You can buy drinks from the bar and they give out free shots. If you can get the ball in the basket whilst slipping down the slide you get a free beer! There is music blasting and the atmosphere is really upbeat and fun.

You have to pay 50baht for a locker and if you need to rent a towel its 80baht. 

I went down the slide after having a hissyfit at the top because I was scared and didn't want to land funny into the water and injure myself. But I was fine and landed fine. It was such a rush and so fun!! So long as you land with your legs down to enter the water first you will be alright. Some crazy people were attempting flips and face planted the water several times.

600baht per person but you get to come back again for a free day. 

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