Street Food Market Ho Chi Minh City

Of course we lived in the street food market. It wasn't as cheap as expected but of course if your on holiday its dirt cheap.

The food quality was amazing and so much choice. You would choose what you want order and pay then sit down and someone would bring it over to you. The toilets were also really clean and the tables were also cleaned by the cleaners which was very impressive.

Its open 9am - 12am and always busy with a great atmosphere. The evenings are the busiest when sometimes you will struggle to find a seat. There are many tourists from all around the world enjoying the great food that Vietnam has to offer. This is a must whilst in Ho Chi Minh!

The food is all cooked fresh which is the best part and they sell the typical famous Vietnamese foods and then Indian and one stand has western food.

Below is everything we ate and it was so delicious!!

Pulled pork burger
Banh Xeo
Coconut and Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Banh Mi
Onion Bharjis

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