The Jumbo Floating Restaurant

The jumbo floating restaurant is an attraction within itself not only is it massive, but yes it also floats in the middle of the water.

You have to get the free ferry service to take you out to the restaurant and once you arrive you will be amazed at the detail on the building. The restaurant is beautiful and the inside is just as nice. It looks very “posh” and I rolled up not realising in Nike runners and baggy trousers.
But its Hong Kong so all fashion is fashionable right?

Once you have admired all the paintings and walked up the stairs you will be seated and given tea. I now love tea with no milk, asia has changed my life. Before I hated tea and coffee now I order it!

The menu is pricey for travellers but reasonable for people on holiday. You have a large selection of foods to choose from and have views of the marina which is very nice.

Then back to mainland with a full stomach what more could you want.

We had sweet and sour, squid and rice which was approx £35.

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