Victoria Peak

Hong Kong is most famous for Victoria Peak its a major tourist attraction. The views are phenomenal if it isn't a cloudy day otherwise it looks like gotham city.   You can see for miles and the buildings are so high you would literally look out the window and be in the clouds.

To get to Victoria Peak is easy peasy its sign posted everywhere. All you need to do is get to the main entrance which is where you get the tram ticket from. You can either walk or pay and get the tram. Of course we paid I'm so lazy it would take me years to walk to the stop its so steep.

The tram literally travels so steep your whole body is pushed back its a cool feeling. Your ears pop and you can see the views on the way if you sit on the right hand side.

When purchasing your ticket you can pay extra to enter the sky observatory deck which you must buy to get the photos off the peak and to experience the wind.

If you don't there is literally a shopping mall on top of the peak so you can find a window to take your photos and have a mooch around. The shopping complex has restaurants, bars and loads of escalators. 

If your scared of heights this is definitely not for you. Even my legs felt like jelly on one of the high escalators. 

Try not to go to the toilet there not the best. In fact there the worse. Squat stinky toilets. 

Anyway moving on when your finished at the peak and your on the way out there is the best eggette place, Ginos Gelato. A perfect way to finish the trip.

  • $95 HKD each for a return trip on the tram and entrance to the sky desk. 
  • $65 HKD for the eggette

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