Alice in a fantasy book

Alice in a fantasy book aka an Alice In Wonderland themed restaurant. We wanted to try one themed restaurant and the robot restaurant was just too expensive. 

There are loads of themed eateries all throughout Japan. 

To enter you have to first find the restaurant by getting a lift from the street to 5th floor. You then enter the reception area where you are made to wait so it seems like its busy, but actually it isn't. 

To enter the restaurant you have to buy one drink per person and one item off the food menu and there is a cover charge of 500 Yen per person. 

You are given a pair of bunny ears to wear and then your ready to enter Alice's world. Oh and your served of course by Alice. The menu book was very impressive I loved the 3D pop out art. The drink menu doesn't tell you what alcohol is in your drink so its a guessing game. But the drinks look nice I was happy.

We ordered profiteroles and fish and chips.
The profiteroles were vile don't order them its just squirty cream 2 profiteroles and some soapy other stuff. The fish and chips luckily were really nice but neither was worth the money.

The restaurant decor itself wasn't the best as its a bit out dated and the music playing wasn't specific just Disney songs which was disappointing. The toilets were nice and tried to in corporate the theme you even get free mouth wash, strange but nice.  But the staff were lovely and very enthusiastic. 

I'm happy I have visited but wont be in a rush to return and wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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