Bondi Wholefoods

Another healthy food place to our list. We are now officially connoisseurs of healthy food cafes. Bondi Wholefoods was around the corner from our hostel in Sydney and the thing I liked most was you could bring your dogs to the café. 

I would love for a café like that in England it would be perfect to go for brunch after walking your dog.  It has an outside part which is open plan but means its also cold.

The food selection isn't as big as other cafes but the vegan pancakes were great. The food looks like art and the staff are so friendly. They play soft RnB music and you can spend ages inside as they don't rush you for the table or bill. 

Below is what we ordered vegan pancakes which were delicious especially the cashew cream. A bowl of oats, nuts, muesli, fruit and yogurt and then a homemade loaf. I wouldn't recommend the loaf as it wasn't nice and defiantly wasn't what we expected. But the pancakes were delicious.

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