Brisbane to me was kind of like the Birmingham equivalent. It was big but not too big, it isn't easy to get lost unless your awful with directions like me. But after a few days we felt like we knew our way around the whole city. Brisbane has amazing sunsets they were un real!! Being closer to the North makes Brisbane warmer so it doesn't get as cold in winter meaning its more liveable. 

The accommodation prices are a lot cheaper then Sydney and you can walk pretty much everywhere so public transport isn't needed. 

There are different parts to central Brisbane. Fortitude Valley is kind of like the sleazy part with the mega clubs, fast food places and weirdos. South bank is really nice with the man made lagoon and upper class restaurants/bars. This is the place to sunbathe year around on either the beach or the grass banks. CBD is slap bang central with all the shops. Kangaroo point is a park with a lake where you can walk around and see the entire city, its amazing at night the skyline is fab. 

The train service can take you all the way to Gold Coast or Sunshine coast for $15 AUS one way within an hour which is great as the nearest and best beaches are there. You can also get a ferry to the islands for another day out.

The lone pine koala sanctuary was one of my favourite things to do in Brisbane it was a short bus ride away from central and $30 AUS pp. You get to see all the typical Australian wildlife (Kangaroos, Koalas, Dingos, Wombat etc) You can even hold a koala if you want to. I did it was the best experience they just hug you literally, so cute. 

The cinema is extremely cheap in comparison to England and you can get a medium dominoes pizza for $5 AUS which is £2.50 bargain!

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