Cairns is north Australia so its always hot. Its tropical. For me my opinion of Cairns is different to others maybe that's because when I travelled to Cairns it was over cast or out of season but I found it to be very boring like granny town.

But if you want a quiet holiday with sun then Cairns would be a good place to travel too inside Australia. Its similar to English sea side resorts, like western super-mare. 

You cant swim in the sea unless the sea has specialist jelly fish stinger nets. The waters aren't safe and the main sea in Cairns town is un swimmable so they have the really cool esplanade which is a salt water man made lagoon. There are many free bbqs around to use and grass with many performers on stage. 

You can get to all the surrounding beaches by sunbus (local bus) from central for approx $5.70 for a single journey. There are so many tourist shops selling the same excursions and using the same deals so you will be spoilt for choice. McDonalds sell a cone of ice cream for $0.60  and its delicious and next to the esplanade. 

Kmart is the Australian equivalent to Primark so if your ever in need of anything cheap and cheerful check it out.  Dominoes sell an 8 sliced pizza for $5 or you can visit the night food market for cheap Asian eats.

There isn't enough happening in Cairns for me so after diving the Great Barrier Reef and being disappointed in the dive we headed to bustling Sydney with high expectations.

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