Chureito Pagoda

Mount Fuji, the best thing to do in the whole of Japan.

Chuerito Pagoda is a five storied pagoda with a breath-taking view of the mountain and cherry blossoms. The pagoda was built in 1963 and is part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine.

We did this as a day trip from Tokyo and it was the best thing we have seen so far. The view of the mountain made the travel time worth it. When you look at the mountain everything else around you disappears.

The train there takes 2 hours and then coming back it also takes 2 hours. You can stay on the train the whole way to the lake or to the bottom of Mount Fuji but we chose to get off at chureito pagoda to be able to see the view of the mountain, the shrine, cherry blossoms and to be able to photograph Mount Fuji.

To get there you literally get off the train and you will find the map below then its so simple its signposted the whole way. Once you arrive at the entrance you just literally have to climb all the stairs until the top. There is free Wi-Fi at the top madly enough and you will be greeted with the best view, ever.

If you get there early enough you could visit the lake, and the chureito pagoda in one day.

  • You have to get the train from Shinjuku to Otsuki which is 1,360 Yen pp
  • Then Otsuki - Shimoyashida - 960 Yen pp

Check the train times for the train home before going exploring else you may find your waiting an hour for the next train. 

Also, tripods aren't allowed. 

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