Diving in the great barrier reef

The great barrier reef one of the wonders of the world so hell yes I'm going head first in that sea! First we only wanted to snorkel but then after shopping around we realised having one intro dive is the same price.

So diving and snorkelling in the great barrier reef it is. Its a world heritage site so I was expecting big things especially after diving in Koh Tao. The weather wasn't in our favour the time we visited so it was unfortunate as it rained and you couldn't really enjoy the sundecks on the boat.

The waters are choppy and you have to hold onto your hat. You set off at 8:30am and arrive back at 4:30pm your lunch is included which was actually really nice chicken, pasta, salad etc.. 

Now the downside, we were expecting big things and were so excited to experience the underwater world. We got into our wet suit, fins got all the gear and was good to go. When getting into the water there was many big grey fish they were huge! I thought yes this is going to be the best diving ever especially as we booked to dive in the outer reef(the best part of the reef)

But no, we had to all hold onto the instructors arm the whole time and we didn't see anything and they make you wait to have your photo taken with a fish when you only get twenty minuets as it is!! I was not impressed or happy if they would have told me that when i purchased the dive I would have not booked!!

The snorkelling was far better you see colourful coral, fish and Josh saw a sting ray so that was exciting. 

The day out was good but for the price and for it being a wonder of the world to be honest it just wasn't good enough. But at least I can say I have experienced it even if it was that cool! 

$100 AUS each, we booked with Peterpan travel. 

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