Fat Turtle

Wow, our first time at The Fat Turtle and it wont be our last. As soon as you enter the d├ęcor is lovely with turtles on the wall, bohemian style pillows and rustic tables. The menu had a big variety so much so I couldn't decide what drink to have. 

The food here was amazing, and looked so good. We always order a dish each and one to share but the food was so filling I was struggling to finish my food. But as it tasted so good I didn't want to waste anything.

The restaurant closes at 6pm and we were cutting it fine arriving at 5:30pm but the service was still fantastic and the food divine. 

I ordered a eggs Benedict type of thing which had smoked cod and pickle. But the dish looked so nice as it was a bright pink with the contrast of the greens. We had red velvet pancakes to share O.M.G you must order them and then sesame fried chicken on waffle. To drink I had my first ever coke spider which is coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and a home made lemonade which tasted like a non alcoholic mojito. 

I was very impressed with this restaurant and for the price. 

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