If you’re thinking about travelling don’t think any more honestly just do it!

Travelling is fun! You meet cool different people with all one thing in common they want to explore the world and make as many awesome memories as possible! You get to experience the most beautiful places and eat the most unusual foods. You get to mix with locals, learn the basics to different languages and try a new way of life. You get a tan, you fall in love whether that be with yourself, a special someone or even just making a new best friend for life.

 Travelling is the best experience you can have it teaches you so many things about yourself and the world that you otherwise just wouldn’t know.

You won’t get bored as you do it your way. You make the rules. You make the plans. You do what you want. Every day is a brand-new day for adventures. No routine, and no boring 9-5 job.

The clichĂ© thing is everyone always says there going travelling to “find themselves” but you actually do learn more about yourself travelling the world then staying in one place at home. You learn to like your own company and to just get up and do it.

Travelling is for everyone with any budget. I have met so many different people with all different budgets and backgrounds living their dream and travelling the world either solo or with their partner or as friends. But mainly many solo travellers. It’s so easy and surprisingly safe and to be truthful your never actually alone.

I guess some people will worry that they won’t make any friends or won’t be able to find their next destination without a plan or an arm’s length itinerary. It’s so simple and so easy. I was that person making spreadsheets on spreadsheets of what to do, where to go, ways to get their… But then when the time actually came I didn’t use it or need it. I just decided what I wanted to do on the day and I did it.

Everywhere has Wi-Fi so you can always look online, hostels are filled with travellers so you will make friends and even maybe end up travelling with someone for a short amount of time, it just happens. Transport is everywhere so you will always be able to get around, although the best method of travel is by moped. Its the cheapest option and gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want.

If your worried about quitting your job don’t worry jobs come and go, money comes and goes. If your good at what you do you will always find a job. Memories are priceless and as it’s the modern day now so some employers like when employees are well travelled as they have better life experience than others. Everything stays the same back home whilst you’re travelling. You won’t be missing out on anything there.

If you get home sick its ok, I do too. But social media and FaceTime makes everything ten times better. Once you’re across the world on that beach with a cocktail it doesn’t seem so bad and before you know it believe me you will be back home wishing you can do it all over again.

Travelling opens your eyes to things you would never dream of thinking about before. The natural beauty you will find whilst exploring is breath taking and your photographs will definitely not do it justice. You will be so overwhelmed by the scenery around you, sometimes you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You get to see the best things in the world with your own eyes, not just via google.

Travel is educational and everyone should travel. It has been the best time of my life.

I loved it, I loved every moment, every second
Every place and everyone. 
Travel soothes your soul and widens your heart, literally.


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