Heiroku Sushi

Sushi in Japan hell yes lets have it! So we have ate expensive sushi now for the quick and convenient sushi. Sushi on a conveyer belt!

Our day of eating our body weight in food had started. We had a fishy start to the morning. First lobster now sushi. 

The thing I liked about the conveyer belt style restaurant is you know exactly how much everything is. It couldn't be easier.  The plates with the sushi on matched the plates hanging on the wall which were colour coded with a price.

So all the blue plates were 170 Yen each, green plates 250 Yen etc you get the drift. You have unlimited green tea as you have your own hot water tap. Im really getting into the asian lifestyle of having tea 24”7 and before travelling I hated tea. Ive come a very long way.

Anyway, the sushi was really nice and if you prefer to have your sushi fresh you can order it. The tempura is cooked fresh and takes ten minuets. But as its so busy the sushi is constantly being made fresh and added to the conveyer belt.  

I loved the smoked salmon sushi and of course the tuna sushi.The tuna sushi has a very strong taste of wasabi so it opens all your airwaves. I didn't like the shrimp tempura which we ordered thinking it would be large prawns or shrimps. The reason why I didn't like it was because there wasn't enough meat so it was pointless.

Within about 20 minuets we were finished, paid, satisfied and off on our next food adventure. 

This is a cheaper sushi option as the plates vary in price from 170 Yen to 579 Yen

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