Ramen with a twist, well dining with a twist. You don't see your server or the people next to you. Its like a ramen glory hole. 

Basically you enter walk down the stairs to find a vending machine which you then order your food from and yes you pay the vending machine. You keep the slips and then someone shows you to your seat. 

Your seated in rows with flaps either side which extend out so you cant see the person next to you. Then in front of your seat is the part where the cooks are but all you can see is a dark hole.

They take your food slips and you also fill in a questionnaire sheet for your food (softness of noodles, spiciness etc) and within a few minuets your food appears. Its the perfect place to take your side chick as no one will see you with her.

You get free water from your own tap and you can order extras from mushrooms,garlic,onions to egg.

The ramen tasted very nice and the whole experience is something different so its perfect for lunch. 

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