Japan loves trains. To get everywhere you have to get the train or metro. Its actually expensive in comparison to everywhere else in Asia. But its Japan so who cares. We visited late April and it was warmish in the day and chilly on the night I had to buy a jumper. There are two airports in Tokyo, both of course easily accessible by train.

Japan is a very big country so we tried our best to see as much of it as we could. But as everyone knows Japan is definitely the most expensive place in Asia!

We started in Osaka and stayed out of town as the accommodation is cheaper. Whilst in Osaka we visited Osaka Castle park and just central but to be honest there isn't much to do/see.

So after Osaka we caught the local train to Kyoto. Which was beautiful, its a little town and so traditional. If you want to experience the authentic Japanese way of life Kyoto is best. 

Here we visited Fushimi inari, Arashiyama park and wondered around in Gion. 

Then from Kyoto we caught the super speedy bullet train directly to Tokyo. £87pp is very pricey but we couldn't visit Japan and not ride the bullet train. 

Tokyo, where to start one word crazy. Different areas are so different to one an other. The main areas are listed below. 

Tokyo central has the big buildings, huge station and shopping malls. Its the main place for all the workers and when your at central everyone wears a suit. You can find all the typical city things like the cinema, shopping malls and theatres. Tsukiji fish market isn't too far which is famous for its tuna auctions. 

Shibuya has the famous shibuya crossing to get a good photo just go into the train station and shoot from the window. Happy crossing! 

Shinjuku is the part which looks like typical Tokyo as you see online. Bright lights, flashing billboards, so many people and arcades everywhere. You can find many crazy things here and plenty of themed cafes, bars, restaurants. For example: Robot restaurant (very expensive £50pp), saga, alice in fantasy book, owl cafe, capcom etc...  The national park with the cherry blossoms is here too perfect for a picnic. 

Just next to Shinjuku station is “piss alley” also known as memory lane which is tiny roads cramped of bars and eateries but you can literally fit like 7 people in one place.
Visit Shinjuku at night to really experience the wild atmosphere and lifestyle of the locals. 

Harijuku is my favourite place so far the fashion down there is out of this world. At Takeshta street you have a mix of everything. You can find streets of really cool quirky vintage shops and then roads of high end fashion retailers or roads of street-ware and skate shops. Shops I wished we had in England. The trainers are so different to back home and exclusive. We found Yeezys and Virgils the 10 just chilling in some back end retro trainer shop.

The food fits in with the area very extreme. You can get oversized rainbow candy floss, amazing crepes everywhere, ice creams, unusual teas and much more. You could eat yourself into a food coma. 

Mount Fuji is a must do even if ifs just a day trip! Take the train (takes 3 hours) and go explore and take in the magnificent views! It is amazing! This is a must do whilst in Tokyo. 

The main food to try in Japan is of course sushi, sashimi, ramen, wagu beef, teriyaki, sukiyaki and tepenyaki style dining. But if you want something delicious and sweeter try the KB bake cheese tart . Its heaven. Basically its fluffy whipped cheesecake with pastry but ten times better. You can get this in Shinjuku station. Or try press butter sandwhich which is shortbread with a creamy filling available in Tokyo station again, delicious. 

Whilst in Japan you must sing karaoke visit an onsen (make sure you check if you can enter with tattoos or not) and try anything which is green tea based. They even have green tea ice creams!

To find out more details, where to eat and prices click on the specific blog posts! 

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