Karaoke Kan

Its Japan, karaoke is a must!! Even if you just have a private room for yourselves. You can go to bars and perform in front of everyone 
or hire a room for a few hours and go with whoever you want.

We hired a room for an hour at Karaoke Kan it was so fun. Yes, I know how can karaoke be fun especially with just two people. But once your there its so fun and such a laugh especially if you get into it!

Karaoke Kan is a chain so there are loads all over Japan. You can just walk in and pay on the spot. Its cheapest before 5pm. You pay to rent the room for a period of time and you must buy one drink per person.

You can hear awful singing coming from most rooms and some crazy people even go full out and wear the costumes which are provided downstairs. 

Once your in your room you will have a right laugh, awful singing and alcohol. Make sure you know what songs you want to play as the time is precious. 

500 Yen to rent the room for an hour but then you have to purchase two drinks. A drink costs 680 Yen.
Total cost 1,860 Yen

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