Kiss the berry

Acai bowl yes please. Its Australia so yes its way more expensive but when you need to eat something healthy there is literally nothing better then a fresh acai bowl. 

Kiss the berry only sell acai bowls and acai whips. There £8 for a regular which is expensive but you feel so good after you've ate one that you don't mind spending that little bit more.

There are many flavours to choose from. We had a berry tastic one and a snickers one.

The snickers one is perfect for chocoholics. Its healthy but tastes of chocolate, winning! 

Kiss the berry is located right opposite south bank so for us we brought the acai bowls and then ate them at the lagoon. If you want you can also sit at the stall either outside or inside (but its open plan). The only thing I wasn't so keen on is that if you eat in you don't get a bowl you still receive the paper bowl which sucks. 

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