Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Finally I couldn't wait to see a cute little koala I have been looking forward to this moment for ages. We arrived at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary at 11am ish so if we wanted to spend the whole day we could.  Its busy as I guess everyone loves Koalas as much as me. I wish I could have smuggled one into my bag to bring back to UK with me. 

As you enter you get to visit and see many other animals but the main Australian animals were Kangaroo's, Platypus, Dingo's, Wombats and Koalas. You get to enter the Kangaroo area and feed the Kangaroos its such a good experience not only seeing them hop off but also having them lick the food from your hand. There kind of like half donkey half rabbit but with two legs. They just lay around and are so use to tourists feeding them that some of them don't even come over to say hello or take the food.

Next was the Koalas and all they do is eat and hug trees I feel like we could be best friends. I wanted to hold the Koala so if you pay extra $25 in the shop inside you can have a photograph taken. It was amazing there so heavy its just like holding a child apart from they don't move all over the place. There fluffy and soft and have a funny nose. I didn't want to give him back!!!

A dingo is basically a wild dog which is Australian and eats everything, they don't like humans. In Australia they have had to make Dingo fences to stop the Dingos eating the sheep. Also cool fact, the English were the ones who brought over the first sheep to Australia.

A the sanctuary you can watch animal shows at different times and listen to the talks but obviously we missed every one as we were too busy doing something else. Its a great day out for everyone (as long as you like animals)  this was my favourite thing to do in Brisbane!

Adult $37 AUS

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